Shelly and Brian are nothing short of "meant to be together". They compliment each other so well, and when they're together they just exude this warmth and confidence. Their Bay Area wedding included four days of events and celebrations... and with all the love they had to share, they needed the whole four days. All the heartfelt speeches and hugs, and singing and dancing and merriment, were full of joy and meaning and memories. 

    One of my favorite parts of the whole experience was the wedding processional. Brian road in on a decorated horse amongst his entire community of family and friends. Everyone was dancing down the street to a celebratory drumbeat to meet Shelly's family and friends waiting at the ceremony site. I was like - "why doesn't EVERY wedding start like this? It's AMAZING!!"

    This was the first Indian wedding I’ve photographed. I returned home to Oregon exhausted (ha-ha!) but oh so full. It was something magical to behold and I will cherish this experience for years to come. Congratulations Shelly and Brian! You are truly lovely human beings. 

    Here is the story of the wedding day. I’m hoping to post more from the other events soon…