• 2018 FAVORITES

    As a new year is upon us and another year comes to a close I always enjoy looking back on my work. 2018 was a year of more family shoots, reflecting my own place in life. We are now officially a family of four with our newest edition, Juniper Rae Lange, born earlier this month. She arrived three weeks early weighing just 5 pounds,13 ounces and she is already such a delight. Every year is uniquely different with its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, its rhythm of days and nights. Here's to the moments we are able to capture in a photograph before we blink too quickly and they are but a memory. I so enjoy being a part of all the colors...  


    Kat and Melissa were a delight to work with right from the start. In fact, Kat's wedding inquiry is probably the best one I've ever gotten. Under "Is there anything else you would like to share?" Kat wrote: "We will legit move the wedding date to have you there. Not kidding even a little." Haha! I love that! :) Both her and Melissa are such genuine, kind and caring people with an ease and a grace about them. They got ready together at the cutest little Airbnb A Frame cabin in Hood River and the ceremony was held at COR Cellars vineyard in Lyle Washington. The day did not disappoint. It was sweet, stylish, and easy going with beautiful views of Mt Hood and the Columbia Gorge. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. 

    Vendor information is available at the bottom of this post.

    Wedding Venue: COR Cellars

    Getting Ready: Airbnb - Red A Frame

    Catering: Solstice

    Rings: Alexis Russell

    Dresses: BHLDN


    Leah has assisted me on photo shoots for eight years. She has been a bystander to so many love stories, and for this one, she finally got to be the leading lady. Photographing her and Ryan on the ocean beaches of Astoria was an experience I will treasure forever. I don’t know that I have ever felt so happy and so free while shooting. It was as if I wasn’t even there… just a witness to their foggy adventure, as they danced and twirled in the sand, laughing and giddy, mist-kissed and starry-eyed. What a thing to behold. It’s so refreshing when I don’t have to pose my couples. I basically just told them where to stand and they did the rest...

    I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited NOT to photograph it! Haha! Yep, I get to be IN this one. Can’t wait!!

  • 2017 FAVORITES

    2017. So much happened for me last year. So much, in one tiny bundle. I had a son, and got to experience what it's like to be a parent. It has changed my world and how I view it completely. I didn't realize I could be even more emotional, or that I could love someone with an even greater love. I cry more during movies now. Heck, I cry during commercials sometimes. I've always teared up at wedding ceremonies, but now I find myself tearing up at other moments too...  Marriage is such a powerful and beautiful thing. The beginning of an imperative and cherished commitment…it changes you in ways you might not imagine. I treasure my job and the people I work with. At the end of every year I feel that so greatly…and so I want to say a wildly huge thank you to all my clients. Thank you for letting me in on the gravity... the magic... the beauty that dances around you in these oh so important moments.


    Simone has been working with me for years and I'm lucky enough to call her one of my best friends. After shooting and assisting on so many weddings and engagement shoots she is now at that special time in her life where she gets to be in FRONT of the camera. She is one of those people that doesn't seem real when you first meet her, with her larger than life energy and presence. We met while waiting tables at Tasty N' Sons years ago and our immediately bond was set in stone when we realized we were both missing the same two teeth. I won't elaborate but am available for questioning if you're curious. Haha! This girl was an unexpected friendship in my life that has brought me so much joy. I couldn't be happier for her and Egil who are eloping later this month. It was a little surreal to have Simone on the other side of the camera, but I must say; she's pretty awesome on both sides of the lens! 

  • 2016 FAVORITES

    I know that 2016 was a hard year for many, but I think it is important to see and remember the beauty in the midst of the darkness. This year, as all the others, was still full of wonderful and joyful events. I can never be too grateful for the career that I have. I am humbled and honored to be brought on the inside of so many lovely moments… and if I can bring even a teeny tiny speck of beauty, of wonder, of awe, of that warm reminiscence that flows into your bones through my photographs then I have accomplished my goal and I have done my job. Thank you for looking at these photos, and if you enjoy them, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for doing so.  -Terra


    Leah and Ean are dear friends of mine. When they invited me to travel cross country with them and snap some photos I just couldn't resist. We got to stop along the way at some pretty stunning locations including Zion National Park, the Black Hills and the Badlands of South Dakota. It was a rad adventure...


    Staci and Michael are two of the funniest people I’ve met. Multiple times while hanging out with them I was literally keeled over I was laughing so hard. That is some intense laughter…let me tell you! We woke up at 4:30 and climbed a boulder to capture the magnificent Joshua Tree sunrise. It was beyond beautiful, and made the sleep deprivation totally worth it! I loved every moment of this adventure. Here’s to new friends and desert light…


    Oh, sweet young love! Heather and Simon are the quintessential adorable couple. We headed out to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast for their engagement shoot. We climbed around on the rocks, we lauged, we danced, and we even busted out some Shakira and sparklers in the evenings last light...


    Sarah and Kyle are a rad couple that love the outdoors and all the beauty the pacific northwest has to offer. For their engagement photos we headed out to the Gorge to soak up that beauty and what turned out to be a LOT of rain! Haha! No matter! You can't let the rain keep you down. Being avid climbers, these two hiked all around the slippery landscape with no problems (and Sarah was in heels to boot!) Champions. 

  • 2015 FAVORITES

    Happy 2016! Oh what a fantastic year it has been! I am so blessed to get to create, and to go on adventures, and to meet amazing people, and to laugh, and dance, and share in so much joy. My job is a gift, and I never want to loose sight of that. Every year I learn so much. I am always striving to get better, be braver, more creative, faster on my feet. I want to say a huge thank you to all of my clients. You make my job so fulfilling. Thank you to my brilliant assistants, Leah & Pearson, and my superb second shooter Simone. I couldn’t do it without you guys! Here’s to another great year!!

     I send each client a post wedding survey when all the work is done and delivered. Their feedback is tremendously helpful and positively uplifting. I’ve shared a few of their wonderful responses at the end of this post

    2015 FEEDBACK:

    What did you like the most about your experience with Terra Lange Photography?

    Your eye for the good shots. Your style of photography.  The way you found great photo locations the day of. You were so easy/laid back to work with that it made the whole experience feel natural and fun. We felt that we left a lot of direction open to you leading up to the wedding day, and you took care of it - something that made us say, "One less thing we have to worry about, Terra's got it!", which was huge! From the initial meeting to the delivery of your flash drive, you have experienced professionalism with new and fresh creativeness. All around you exceeded our expectations and were lovely to work with. Thank you!


    Is there something that you didn’t like, or something that you would change about your experience?

    If we were richer, we would have had you for the full 8 hours. 


    Is there anything else that you would like to share?

    I'm not sure if this is standard, but we loved how you added "Photographer's Favorites" on the flash drive. After all, you are the professional and we trust your eye. A lot of your favorites were ours as well. It was also nice to have all our photos at high res, as well as ready for web. Those little details showed how you dot your i's and cross your t's. 

    What did you like most about your experience with Terra Lange Photography?

    Terra made us feel so comfortable! Both Justin and I are extremely camera shy, but she made it extremely easy for us on a day that’s already filled with a lot of jitters. We were so completely blown away, by how she was able to capture each of us in a way that made us feel beautiful. We rarely see photographs of ourselves that we find flattering, but after seeing the photos from Terra we were both absolutely stunned. 

    Terra and Leah are both some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and it made the entire process so pleasant! We encountered a lot of really difficult vendors throughout this process, so it was so refreshing to have Terra and Leah be so professional and accommodating. Absolutely nothing was difficult, and both ladies were so relaxed and at ease. It alleviated so much pressure. 

    Photography was definitely our highest priority item, and I can say with confidence that booking Terra was the best decision we made. The quality of her photographs was extremely beautiful, and I was very impressed with how quickly we received them! 


    Is there something that you didn’t like, or something that you would change about your experience?

    As mentioned above, our entire experience was very, very enjoyable, and Terra was absolutely the right photographer for us!

    I think the only thing we wish would’ve gone a little different were the family photos. In some of the final photos there is some odd spacing between people that we wish might have been a little more directed to alleviate some of the tension it creates in the final photographs. There are a few groupings we likely won’t use.

    Is there anything else you would like to share?

    The photographs of Justin and I on the mountain are phenomenal, and we will cherish them forever. We would recommend you to any of our friends, and hopefully we can find time to have you shoot the two of of us in Oregon as well! Anniversary shoot. New puppy. Lunch at Chipotle. Whatever the occasion, I’m always thinking you should probably come photograph it. These photos remind us that there is so much beauty in every small moment, a quick look, a short laugh. It’s like I’m there all over again. The perfect day. Thank you, so much.

    What did you like the most about your experience with Terra Lange Photography?

    Terra was so easy to work with! I had emailed several photographers, and from the beginning - she was prompt & communicative.

    She continued to keep in touch, at just the right times throughout the rest of our engagement - making sure that all details were organized & well managed. The day of was also great.  For a couple who feels pretty shy around cameras, she & her team made us feel comfortable - made us laugh & created an all around great experience.   Last but not least, the photos turned out so well! From the images captured, to the final edits - they perfectly represent how amazing the wedding was. 


    Is there something that you didn’t like, or something that you would change about your experience?

    Nothing at all! If anything, I kind of wish we had opted for the engagement photos as well now =) (though i don't know what I'd do with so many photos of Euge & me)

    Is there anything else that you would like to share?

    Thank you thank you thank you! You & your team are awesome & the photos perfectly capture the wonderful day we had. 

    What did you like the most about your experience with Terra Lange Photography?

    Where to begin... honestly, our experience from start to finish was wonderful. Terra was incredibly warm and enthusiastic, while also being professional and so helpful. Our favorite part of the experience was probably going off with Terra (and Leah) before the ceremony and following her to all the beautiful spots she'd scoped out. It was sooooo amazing to not have to make any decisions and to just be relaxed and giggly and in love. We felt so comfortable around Terra and Leah so it felt easy to be ourselves, to let go of all the wedding stress, and to just be present with each other. We're also so grateful for the idea (Terra's) to do the photos before the ceremony so that we could take part in all parts of the celebration! 

    Is there something that you didn’t like, or something that you would change about your experience? 

    No. We seriously feel so lucky to have found this photographer!!


    Is there anything else that you would like to share?

    Thank you soooooo much! We absolutely LOVE your work and what a bonus that you are just amazing and awesome to be around as well :) Thank you!!! 

    Hi Terra, 

    First off...I just want to reiterate again how much Keaton and I love our pictures.  We are so incredibly thankful to have gotten to have you be a part of our wedding and cannot express how perfectly you captured our day.  That being said, here are the questions you had sent us:  

    What did you like the most about your experience with Terra Lange Photography?

    The best part of the experience with Terra Lange Photography was the entire process from start to finish.  We are a couple who decided early on that photographs of our wedding were the top priority.  After reviewing Terra's portfolio and seeing some of the brides and grooms that she has taken pictures of, we had no doubt that her work would not only capture our day, but we would be happy with the way that we looked.  She did a wonderful balance of all of the kinds of pictures that we wanted including posed and candid photos.  The hard part now is figuring out how to choose which ones to put up in our home!  The thing that made the experience with Terra even better was how awesome she is to spend time with.  She and her assistant are kind, supportive, fun, and professional.  I cannot more highly recommend Terra Lange Photography.  Having Terra photograph your wedding is worth the value in every single way!  


    Is there something that you didn’t like, or something that you would change about your experience?

    Nothing at all! 


    Is there anything else that you would like to share?

    Just a huge thank you and a virtual hug :).  Also, your packaging for the flash drive is adorable.  


     THANK YOU!!








    This was my first time shooting at Hug Point, but it definitely won’t be my last! It was the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous couple. Jennifer and Donnie were a photographer’s dream to photograph. They were super fun, up for anything I asked them to do, and dressed to perfection! Jennifer's dresses were amazing in the wind. After climbing a cliff and some tall rocks, we ended the evening with a hotdog & marshmallow roast over a campfire. All in all it was an absolutely lovely day. I can’t wait for their wedding!


    Liz and Nick are from the Portland Metro area, but they met up in Seattle, so they wanted to do their engagement shoot up there. They are such a fun and energetic couple! Being a bit of a goofball myself, I love it when people laugh a lot! We had so much fun exploring Discovery Park. I am truly excited to capture their wedding later this year!


    The weather has been so lovely for spring! We lucked out with this beautiful day in April, and headed up to the Columbia Gorge for Jessica & Brian's engagement shoot. They were real troopers, hiking up a mountain in the hot sun. To our delight, we found a lovely shady spot to stop and shoot for a while. We were on the Washington side of the Gorge, with the water and Oregon mountains as our backdrop, we frolicked on the hills for a while, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I just love photo adventures! 


    Meredith and Eric are dear friends of mine that are getting married this June.  Last weekend we drove up to Mount Hood in search of snow for some engagement photos.  These two are so much fun and so wonderful together.  They laughed for almost the entire shoot. I brought my husband along to assist me, and the four of us had such a great time running around in the snow! Congratulations Meredith & Eric!  I love you guys!

  • 2014 FAVORITES

    As Christmas approaches, and 2014 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on what an amazing year I have had.  I’ve been blessed with so many fabulous clients, and I’ve been able to shoot in some truly stunning locations. I am very thankful to have such a fun and rewarding job! Here is look back at my year, and the adventures I have had the privilege to share.  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients!  I have loved being a part of your special moments!


    Cena & Jeremy are two of the cutest people I have gotten to photograph!  They are from Las Vegas, and they came out to Portland for Cena's birthday weekend.  They wanted to do a holiday photo shoot while they were here and I was pumped to get to be there photographer!  They both had such a happy energy about them.  I think Cena laughed the whole time!!  

    We started our adventure at Coava Coffee in Southeast.  It is one of my favorite coffee spots, and I wanted them to experience some fine, fine coffee while they were here. :)  Next, we took a lovely drive out to Sauvie Island where we ran around on the beach and in the woods. We had such a good time! I think everyone should get holiday photos done!  They are so much fun!


    Chris and Sarah have to be one of the cutest couples ever! The story of how they met is just as cute as they are! Have you ever heard of someone finding true love on instagram?  Well... now you have! These two first met by liking each other’s photos on instagram.  Likes turned into comments, which turned into text messages, which turned into phone calls, into Skype sessions, and finally into Sarah flying across the country to meet Chris in person, and the rest is history. It just goes to show you that true love can find you where you least expect it.

    I have been a friend of Chris' for years, and I've gotten to follow their story from the very beginning. When they asked me to be their wedding photographer I was beyond thrilled. Who wouldn't want to photograph a couple this endearing!? 

    Our photo shoot was so much fun! We started the day at a lovely little tea shop in Sellwood for some tasty vanilla chai. Then we hiked around near the Hoyt Arboretum through the forest and between the redwood trees. We finished up the day on the waterfront. I couldn't of had a better time and I just can't wait for their wedding next year! 


    I had such a good time running around Seattle with these two!  Heather and Curtis are a super fun and lively couple.  We had quite the adventure, and we went o so many cool spots!  We even ended the evening with some delicIous sushi in the city, (but I didn't photograph THAT!) Haha! I can't wait for their wedding in August!